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Transactions involving real estate in CT can be complex and involved; the voluminous paperwork and the detail needed alone can be overwhelming for someone who doesn’t regularly handle real estate matters. When you consider that real estate purchases and sales also usually involve significant sums of money, the need for professional representation is even more apparent.

Attorney Kirsten Mendillo helps individuals and businesses across the state of CT with a variety of real estate transactions, helping protect her clients’ interests in real estate matters.

How an Attorney can help

New Haven real estate attorney Kirsten Mendillo helps clients in the following types of real estate legal matters:

  • Refinance transactions – Choosing to refinance your mortgage can be a great decision, with long-lasting cost-savings. You may be able to lower your monthly payments, take years of your mortgage, or both. However, if you don’t fully understand the terms and conditions of the refinance transaction, as explained in the paperwork you’ll be asked to sign, you may be surprised by expenses or clauses. Attorney Kirsten Mendillo can represent you in your refinance transaction, so the terms you agree to are what you expect.
  • Closings – Real estate closings are notorious for involving a lot of paperwork that you need to sign. Many homeowners and business owners want to simply sign the paperwork as quickly as possible to finish the transaction. Doing that can be a mistake, especially if you haven’t reviewed and don’t understand what you’re signing. Attorney Kirsten Mendillo can represent you at your real estate closing, helping you make informed decisions, and helping spot potential errors or inaccuracies before you sign the closing documents.
  • Purchase or sale – Having an attorney involved from the start when you are buying or selling a home is smart. Attorney Kirsten Mendillo can help you by preparing, reviewing, and advising on purchase agreements, sales agreements, preparing deeds, and any other legal documents, helping protect your best interests.
  • Leases – If you are leasing real estate to others, it is important to protect yourself by using lease agreements that have been professionally drafted and tailored to your needs. Attorney Kirsten Mendillo can provide advice and legal documents to protect you as a landlord.

Attorney Kirsten Mendillo is proud to provide representation for both residential and commercial real estate transactions.

Choose Professional Representation for Real Estate Transactions. Choose Attorney Kirsten Mendillo.

If you need a skilled, knowledgeable attorney to help with either a commercial or residential real estate matter, look no further than attorney Kirsten Mendillo. To learn more about how she can help you with your transaction, and to schedule an initial consultation, contact her today in New Haven at (203) 777-4777.

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