Kirsten Mendillo: Trusted Legal Support in New Haven, Connecticut

A highly respected attorney, Kirsten Mendillo offers a range of legal services in and around New Haven. She boasts an exceptional track record in Connecticut, along with a strong reputation. She is a wonderful advocate to have on your side as you deal with complex real estate or probate matters.

Service Area

Kirsten Mendillo’s offices are based in New Haven, but she is happy to serve clients from throughout the entire state of Connecticut. Her efforts have resulted in rave reviews from both clients and fellow attorneys, both of whom respect her honesty, her in-depth understanding of the legal profession, and her emphasis on ethical representation.

Practice Areas

Although Kirsten Mendillo boasts a far-reaching understanding of the legal industry, she prefers to focus on her efforts on just a few practice areas, so as to offer her clients better, more targeted service. She is deeply passionate about real estate law. Her firm offers a variety of services for aspiring homeowners and sellers, including residential lease agreement drafting and document review for lease agreements and purchase agreements. These services are offered at a fixed fee, so clients enjoy valuable transparency and know exactly what they’re getting ahead of time.

In addition to handling a variety of real estate matters, Kirsten Mendillo assists those in the midst of landlord-tenant disputes. These could involve everything from damage deposit issues to wrongful eviction.

Probate is another top area of concern for Kirsten Mendillo, who understands the difficulties surrounding estate administration. Her efforts help clients get through the probate process faster and with less stress. She can also help clients avoid probate in the first place by providing high-quality estate and end of life planning.

Why Kirsten Mendillo?

Whether your current source of confusion involves a purchase agreement, lease, or probate, it’s important to have a caring attorney on your side. Kirsten Mendillo understands the stress associated with real estate and probate law, but she also knows just how gratifying it can be to resolve these complex legal issues. With her support, you can emerge with a favorable case outcome and a new outlook on life.

You’ve found the perfect resource to guide you through the complications of Connecticut’s legal system — now, it’s time to take action. Contact Kirsten Mendillo today to learn more about the services she provides and how she can help you with your case.

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