Connecticut Landlord-Tenant Lawyer

Attorney Kirsten Mendillo

Landlord tenant disputes can be emotional, costly, and stressful for all sides. Whether you are a landlord struggling with tenants who are not a good fit for your property or a tenant concerned about your rights, a landlord tenant attorney can provide peace of mind. Learn how Attorney Kirsten Mendillo can help you bring the dispute to a fair resolution.

Connecticut Landlord Tenant Attorney

Attorney Kirsten Mendillo works with landlords and tenants all over Connecticut, and maintains a law office in New Haven. Matters the attorney regularly handles include:

  • Disputes 
  • Leases 
  • Tenant Rights
  • Evictions
  • Property Damage 
  • Negligence
  • and more 

Let Attorney Kirsten Mendillo listen to the facts of the matter, advise you on your options, and represent you in court. As a landlord, you need to know your lease is legally binding and protects your interests by holding tenants liable for any damage or destruction they cause. An attorney can defend you if previous tenants or applicants try to initiate a lawsuit, for instance if they claim you discriminated against them during the rental process or say you unfairly deducted from a security deposit.

How a Tenant Rights Lawyer Helps You

As a tenant, you need peace of mind that your landlord won’t illegally kick you out or deduct from your security deposit when you leave. Attorney Kirsten Mendillo works hard to resolve landlord tenant disputes peaceably and fairly, while always advocating for the best interests of her client.

It may seem unnecessary to hire an attorney for a landlord dispute, but this can help you obtain a favorable outcome. Rather than try to defend yourself, you can explain everything to an attorney, who understands Connecticut landlord tenant law, then let the attorney advocate for you. Whether you settle the matter peaceably without going to trial, or move to small claims court to work things out, an attorney streamlines the process.

Speak With a Tenant Rights Lawyer

When things go wrong between a landlord and a tenant, it’s important to have a trusted advocate by your side for the duration of the legal process. Find legal help fast if a tenant right dispute arises to reduce the disruptions to your life and increase the odds of a fast and fair resolution to your problems. Contact Attorney Kirsten Mendillo to learn how the Connecticut landlord tenant lawyer can assist you with your pressing legal need.

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