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Connecticut Real Estate Lawyer

Transactions involving real estate in CT can be complex and involved; the voluminous paperwork and the detail needed alone can be overwhelming for someone who doesn't regularly handle real estate matters. When you consider that real estate purchases and sales also usually involve significant sums of money, the need for professional representation is even more apparent.

Connecticut Probate Lawyer

Working with a skilled attorney to plan how, and by whom, your assets will be managed after your death, can give you peace of mind knowing that you have a plan in place. When someone close to you dies, choosing a knowledgeable probate attorney can help ensure all legal requirements are met, while minimizing the frustration that can come from the estate administration process.

Connecticut Landlord-Tenant Lawyer

Landlord tenant disputes can be emotional, costly, and stressful for all sides. Whether you are a landlord struggling with tenants who are not a good fit for your property or a tenant concerned about your rights, a landlord tenant attorney can provide peace of mind. Learn how Attorney Kirsten Mendillo can help you bring the dispute to a fair resolution.

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