Kirsten Mendillo

For more than 15 years, attorney Kirsten Mendillo has helped Connecticut residents with commercial and residential real estate legal issues. After graduating from Quinnipiac University School of Law, Kirsten became licensed to practice law in the State of Connecticut in 2001 and has practiced continually in the state since then. In 2003, Kirsten started a solo practice focused on real estate law. She is admitted to practice in all state and federal courts in Connecticut.

To be enforceable and reliable, real estate agreements of all kinds need to be clearly written and adhere to certain contractual formalities. It is also essential for anyone binding themselves to a real estate contract – such as a sales agreement or a lease – to ensure beforehand that their interests are protected by the agreement. If you are planning on signing any type of residential or commercial real estate contract, it is important that you have the assistance of an experienced real estate attorney.

Attorney Kirsten Mendillo is careful and attentive with every case she takes, and is dedicated to each of her clients. Whether you need a contract reviewed or you need help resolving a real estate dispute, Kirsten can help you protect your interests and rights. Contact attorney Kirsten Mendillo today to discuss your legal issue at (203) 777-4777.

Experienced Real Estate Lawyer

Attorney Kirsten Mendillo is qualified to handle a variety of general civil practice issues, but her passion and focus is real estate law. She graduated Kirsten uses her experience to do work related to real estate transactions, leases, or other contractual agreements. Attorney Kirsten Mendillo is experienced reviewing and drafting sales agreements, leases, and financing agreements for both residential and commercial real estate contracts. She can also counsel both buyers and sellers of any type of real estate, and has experience representing lenders and borrowers with regards to financing agreements.

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Trying to handle real estate legal issues without qualified legal counsel puts you at risk. Attorney Kirsten Mendillo is here to help you avoid future problems and resolve current ones. She is located in New Haven and serves clients throughout the state of Connecticut. If you need assistance with a real estate issue, call attorney Kirsten Mendillo at (203) 777-4777 to schedule a consultation today.

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